1984 Some Great Reward Tour Book


1987 Music For The Masses Tour Book


1990 World Violation Tour Book


1990 Depeche Mode Strangers - The Photographs By Anton Corbijn


1993 Kniha textov (Slovak edition)


1994 Jurgen Seibold - Depeche Mode (Czech edition)

1994 Depeche Mode sú ľudia (Slovak edition)


1998 The Singles Tour Book


2001 Exciter Tour Book


2003 Jonathan Miller - Stripped - Depeche Mode (Czech edition)


2005 Touring The Angel Tour Book


2005 T. Bernhardt - Depeche Mode: A band, its music and the cult (English edition)


2006 Beatrice Nouveau - 25 Let Depeche Mode (Czech edition)


2009 Making The Universe (SOTU Box) (English edition)


2009 Words And Images Of The Universe (SOTU Box) (English edition)


2010 Trevor Baker - Dave Gahan a Depeche Mode (Czech edition)


2010 Josef Kubík - Universe - Depeche Mode (Czech edition)


2011 Simon Spence - Just Can´t Get Enough (English edition )


2012 Preston Chavey - A Guide To The Music Of Depeche Mode (English edition)

2013 Steve Malins - Depeche Mode The Biography (English edition)


2013 Delta Machine Tour Book


2013 The Ultimate Music Guide - Depeche Mode (English edition)


2013 Trevor Baker - Depeche Mode The Early Years (English edition)


2013 The Depeche Mode Handbook (English edition)

2013 D. Burmeister & S. Lange - Depeche Mode Monument (English edition)


2017 Global Spirit Tour Book